Duder is Bits of Nothing

By 11/17/2008
Duder is Bits of Nothing

Duder (Tilzy.TV Page) is not for everybody. For those who find hilarity in those extended moments of awkward indifference — that lagging silence separating the banal — this is some of the smartest humor on the web.

It’s the story of Glen and Ricky, two youngish duders grappling with the stresses of a post-collegiate life in Brooklyn…work, relationships, random run-ins.  Oh, and Glen came out of the closet in season one. And he got glasses in season two.

Duder has been around since August 2006 and, though it’s evolved quite a bit from it’s pilot episode, the Larry David-like neurotic examination of ordinary events is the secret sauce that fuels this nuanced humor. Testicular cancer scares. Bowels. Female ejaculation. Sneezing. The lick thing. Duder is agonizing, overzealous analysis of life’s least important mysteries.

The new season exhibits the same distinctive neuroses but in smaller bits; instead of a mini episode of a sitcom, we’re a fly on the wall that happened to capture a moment of genuine, downplayed absurdity.

I met up with the two duders behind Duder for a conversation that was as awkward as I could have hoped…

Check it out Mondays and Thursdays at Duder.com