With the world’s attention turned away from the political blood-sport of election season, we at Tubefilter News don’t want to leave you hanging—this week’s picks are all about conflict. From playful sparring, to full on combat, these shows aren’t afraid to expose the truth: we all love a good fight.

Big Book of Lies
Andrew Leeds’ and Dave Lampson’s delightful ‘Woody Allen’-esque series, Big Book of Lies, is set to the backdrop of Lampson’s home away from home, Buenos Aires. No topic is sacred or safe, from the duo’s charmingly irreverent and occasionally witty prose turned dialogue. This episode, one of our favorites, matches Andrew (played by Andrew) against his love-interest-cum-sparring-partner Laila (Rebecca Whitehurst).


Goodie Bag TV : “Macs vs. PCs
In this latest installment from Kirby Ferguson‘s Goodie Bag TV, rival gangs of Mac and PC faithful clash on the street of New York, sing, dance and ultimately fight to the death. It’s kind of like West Side Story meets The Evil Dead. As Joshua Cohen points out, “you’re missing the good stuff if you stop watching before the 2:00 mark.”


Break A Leg
The Brothers Baranovsky’s treatment of life in Hollywood concludes with an epic battle between warring guilds in the season finale of Break A Leg, where an “adult-sized” Gary Coleman leads the Child Actors Guild against an uprising of exploited children.

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