The brainiacs at You Tube partnered with PBS and came up with a Michael Moore-inspired idea for participatory entertainment / public government watchdog that actually has an effect with their November 4 project, Video Your Vote.

Considering America’s long-standing tradition of voter intimidation – and especially after the 2000 Florida elections debacle – citizen journalists, and just plain citizens, tried to keep this election clean by filming their own Election Day voting experiences, which they then uploaded to the nifty Video Your Vote site. Over 1500 and counting clips highlight what happened on election day through the eyes of you – the voter.

The curtain in the polling booths was pulled back with videos capturing the excitement and energy of what it means to take part in the electoral process, centering on voter perspective, long lines, polling place problems, broken machines, as well as the pure joy of being able to be a turn out and exercising our rights in the US of A.

And there’s also this guy. A confused Texas man who wanted to vote for Bush for a 3rd term and ended up casting a blank ballot. No, I’m not joking.

In addition to the educated Texan, you can watch Zion’s Campaign Message, where you can see a small child from North Dakota voice her support of John McCain and avocados. Or learn how to vote on the IVOtronic in Arkansas on a high-tech electronic touch tone screen that looks like a video juke box.

Videos are designate by red or blue colors (yes there’s only two choices in this country) marking which party the videographer supports, pegged to the particular city it origins from.

The dude from Longhorn State gets an “F,” the videos get a “B-” average, and the overall project gets an “A+”. All and all, it’s a great way to share the Election Day experience and ensure that any “man of ordinary courage” was allowed to make it to the polls.

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