Can you imagine an animated parody where Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their brood of adopted kids were somehow like the Brady Bunch? Eight individuals trying to live (and walk through Manhattan) in harmony while weathering sibling rivalries and dispensing life lessons through unpoetic comedy? Now throw in a raunchy overtone and mix in a little Super News and Blah Girls celebrity panning. Can you imagine all the high-fives at the end of brainstorming meetings? All the producers’ confident expectations of huge viral potential from satirizing the life of famous celebrities?

Yeah, I can too. Unfortunately, what I can’t imagine is the show being funny.

Created by Dee Robertson, The Brangelina Bunch is brought to us from the folks at Red Band Industries – an outpost of 60Frames that allows the new media studio to experiment with vulgar programming (like Private High Musical) a safe distance away from its more mainstream brand.

The premise here is Brad and Angelina have all these adopted kids from all over the world with funny names because they’re all foreign (or they were born in the US, but have wannabe hipsters for parents). I.e. there’s an Irish kid, and since he’s Irish he drinks a lot of whiskey and then passes out (because that’s what Irish people do!). Or Maddox, who is from Kenya, so naturally he’s HUNGRY and wants to barbeque Ralphie, the family dog (because that’s what Kenyans do!). And the Arab and Israeli kid always fight. Oh what a handful, those Jolie-Pitts!

Uninspiring animation mixed with hackneyed snark, the Brangelina Bunch has such witty banter as:

And laughs ensue. Or not.

With segment cappers like, “I’m getting a raincoat next time I hump,” or “Strap on a Jimmy Hat before you go poking around in a carrot patch,” I’d rather watch the Brady’s Variety Hour. The Brangelina Bunch will certainly have you howling, but not with laughter.

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