Believe it or not, focuses on video how-tos. Founded last February by Google and YouTube Alums, Jason Liebman and Daniel Blackman, it’s one of many sites in the instructional video genre.

So, how does Howcast try to differentiate itself from 5min, VideoJug,, Instructables, Expert Village, et. al? With specially produced videos to hook viewers.

Videojug let’s you know how to How to Kiss Someone Passionately, but Howcast tells you How-To-Go-F**k-Yourself.

Taking a nod from the world of cheesy corporate training videos, this particular office etiquette how-to focuses on those three magic words. A warm, reassuring voiceover offers a step-by-step guide for what to do when you hear them, while template graphics help stress the key points needed – 1) a sense of self-importance, 2) a need to be taken down a notch, and, of course, 3) a stupid face.

If the melodic voice, clever comedy, and POed actor at the beginning of the vid sound and look familiar, that’s because it’s made by Taige Jensen and Ryan Hunter, two-fifths of Brooklyn-based production crew, Poykpac.

When they aren’t working on IFC’s Good Morning Internet or videos that get noticed on YouTube, Hunter and Jensen create guides telling others how to get their videos noticed on YouTube. They also have witty, wonderfully-produced handbooks for those sick of society’s daily grind, lovers that have trouble navigating relationships, and becoming someone’s lover in the first place.

It’s all done in the framework of Howcast’s consistent template and stylized uniformity. Each video also ends on a high note, with a fun fact that leaves you with a cute, mildly-amusing taste in your mouth, but not so much of a laugh-out-loud viewing experience.

Check them out and learn how to do many more things at

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