Another pimp-slapped hoot-fest from the fine folks at the Groundlings – the groundbreaking L.A. improvisation group that helped launch the careers of many a Hollywood notables (i.e. Lisa Kudrow and Conan O’Brien) and Saturday Night Livers (i.e. Jon Lovitz and Will Ferrell). This weekly, self-titled Crackle original series hits with a good Creole of politically incorrect.

So far, the first season has featured such gems as how to be cutthroat in the corporate world, teaching German kids dos and donts of safety, and outtakes from an ill-fated Food Network Show.

Everyone has a boring day at work, right? But what if you worked for National Homeland Security.  Featuring Tim Brennen, Mikey Day, Larry, Dorf, and Edi Patterson, Tapped Episode 1 is a satirical bulls-eye that pierces the Patriot Act and Bush-loving America directly in the heart.

Big Brother paranoia is brought to the forefront as the Groundlings imagine what it would be like if your inane phone call with some dorm-dork where happen to be wire-tapped (which, actually doesn’t seem like that unlikely a scenario, especially if it’s a dull day at the NSA).

Two college students get their phone call intercepted when a party is described as “da bomb.” NSA butts in its intrusive head to ask if the so-called-party was Hamas or Hesbela.  Comedic folly follows as the wire-tapped call turns into a group discussion, digressing on the key ingredients of a Long Island Ice Tea versus a Long Beach Ice Tea, and whether Hooters serves up great chicken wings.

And just like in real life Groundlings: Tapped Episode 1, reveals the true reason why the NSA wants to wire-tap the phones of our great nation’s college students: To find out where they can score some good weed! A satire of Post-9/11 paranoia proportions, which leaves you wondering if that clicking on your phone line is a T-Mobile drop zone or the government listening in on how wasted you got last week.

The first episode is exempletative of The Grouldings‘ series so far – great concept executed with extreme doses of silliness.  Check them all out at

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