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NBC Universal Digital Studio, which recently got its feet wet in web television with the online original Gemini Division last August (and a few web-spinoffs of Heroes and The Office), has now decided to take the plunge with a slate of new original web series to be produced with 60 Frames Entertainment. NBC promises to bring the “most talented writers and producers in entertainment” in efforts to “create a much higher-quality production value than what is normally associated with digital production.”

The Studio’s “innovative new business model” will bring advertisers and content producers together “from the start,” which may require some careful diplomacy when brand managers start telling the likes of Scott Z. Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum), Tom Fontana (OZ, Homicide) and John August (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish) what to do. Not to mention the possible compromises that may befall these series when the slate is presented to brands for integration and sponsorship opportunities–the shows will only be produced with partners on board.

Nevertheless we at Tubefilter are excited to see what 60Frames will pull off with some real studio backing, especially in light of their new high-production web series Infamous which just premiered September 18.

Let’s take a look at the latest crop and try to pair each series with a brand (sound off in the comments):

  • Loving Larry – a group of guys fake their own Bachelor-esque reality show to get girls. (60 Frames Entertainment)
  • Love At First Sight & Other Dangers – Scott Burns’ investigation into the many faces of love. (An extension of the two episodes released by 60 Frames Entertainment)
  • Mr. Miss Teen U.S.A. – An 18 year-old wins a sexual discrimination lawsuit and enters the Miss Teen USA Pageant with hopes to get lucky with the ladies. (60 Frames Entertainment)
  • Four Corners – Four teams scattered to the extreme corners of the country compete in a race to the center of the United States. (NBC Universal Digital Studio)
  • True Story – A documentary series featuring eccentric but inspiring individuals from an 80 year-old punk rocker to a tango-dancing witch. (NBC Universal Digital Studio)
  • Men With Guns: The Assassins – Tom Fontana’s gritty story of a high-end, principled assassin with his sights set on the villains of society. (60 Frames Entertainment)
  • The Remnants – John August’s comedy about the last living inhabitants in post-something Los Angeles. (60 Frames Entertainment)

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