Man in the BoxBefore you ask, the answer is no: Man in the Box is not a web series celebrating ‘90s grunge pioneers Alice in Chains. (It would be cool if there was a show like that though.) Every office should have a guy like Greg Bizjack if it doesn’t already – mine doesn’t; someone who has absolutely no qualms about calling co-workers out on their BS or pointing out how completely unreasonable they are. For instance, telling the guy in the neighboring cubicle that unless he’s a pirate or a magician, his new earring looks ridiculous. You know the type with the earring; he’s probably staring at you intently as you read this. When he’s not mocking fellow employees, Greg finds time to stir up his own fun, whether it be bringing in his own Irish coffee blend for everyone to try, or stealing the new soft toilet paper from the office bathroom.

HBO's Runaway BoxMan in a Box is a hilarious series from HBO Labs’ Runaway Box, created by Cleveland-based comedian Mike Polk, who also plays Greg. Besides two shorts, Polk has just a few other credits listed on his IMDB page. It’s a shame; someone should put this guy in a movie. While the show often feels like deleted scenes from Office Space or The Office, I know I could sure use some more of those in my life. Seeming to have no budget, Man in a Box still provides plenty of laughs. Poking fun at office staples (no pun intended…or is it???) like casual Fridays (above) and sexual harassment seminars. Recurring characters on the show include Sarah, Greg’s “love interest” and arch nemesis; Bill, the fat guy who still lives with his mother; and Terry, who likes Nickelback. If you’re bored at work, there are plenty of episodes available to watch now. New installments are released every Tuesday.

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