Bringing a fictional plot into the real world is nothing new.  It’s happened a lot: the new 90210 features a character who maintains a real blog, LOST published a real book by a fictional character, and Arrested Development fans will certainly remember

But the award for most comprehensive real-world integration must certainly go to‘s Sorority Forever.

The fact that some characters have MySpace and Twitter accounts was mentioned in Tuesday’s review of the premiere, but there’s much, much more to the SF universe than we originally realized.

All of the Phi Chi Kappa sisters have an online presence.

Julie: MySpace, Twitter
Madison: MySpace, Twitter
Taryn: MySpace, Twitter
Naomi: MySpace, Twitter
Mercedes: MySpace, Twitter
Bridget: MySpace
Natalie: MySpace, Twitter
Rachel: MySpace, Twitter

Mecedes’ boyfriend and a few barely-introduced frat guys and are online as well.

Eric: MySpace, Twitter
Matthew: MySpace, Twitter
Blake: MySpace, Twitter
Taylor: MySpace
Adam: MySpace

Also, Phi Chi Kappa has a website complete with a sisters-only section and an event calendar, which may provide clues about future plot details.

The sheer volume of online character material is impressive, but what really makes this effort noteworthy is their commitment to maintaining a detailed and realistic online ecosystem.  The profiles were all created in early August, a full month before the show’s premiere.  Since then, the characters have regularly updated their profiles and written on each other’s walls: bemoaning the end of summer, expressing anxiety about rushing, or just saying “what’s up?”

By far the coolest extension of the show is their supplemental video content.  Some digging revealed that Mercedes has a video blog and is the host of the Bi-Greekly Update, a campus TV program about greek life, which, of course, has its own website.

My favorite series of videos so far belongs to Eric.  He’s the fraternity president we’ve seen a few times, often wielding a camcorder.  It turns out he’s actually rolling tape and is posting the videos to his MySpace.

In the first episode, when the girls are coming under water balloon fire, we can see Eric in the background, camcorder in hand.

Here’s the video he was shooting.

And here’s his footage from episode two‘s sudsy carwash scene, complete with misogynist frat boy commentary:

For now, these are all just fun little extras that help us to get to know the characters and keep us engaged between the daily two-minute installments.  But remember, this show is about a “terrible secret” and something tells me that the producers will be hoping for fans to turn to this intricate network of profiles, videos, and websites for clues.  Awesome!

I’m sure that I’ve not discovered all of the Sorority Forever meta-content that there is to find.  Come accross something else?  Share it in the comments.

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