A mysterious trunk seems to be the center of conflict in this low-budge movie turned three-part web serial. Two assassins who are in the midst of what seems to be a rocky break-up, are on the road to nowheresville, when the trunk spews some nasty gaseous materials, sending these two lovers to sleepy town.

Once conscious again, the two find themselves facing a mysterious nemesis, that will force the bickering pair to work together.

While Trunk does a good job of mixing romance and action, I’m hoping the show turns up the heat, perhaps a little more Mr. and Mrs. Smith style. Let’s be honest here, put two pretty, attractive people in a show as lovers, a gal is gonna want to see some action, and explosions, and not just the kind created with weapons.

While I am intrigued by the beginning of this series, it’s gonna take a little more than a mysterious trunk to keep me watching, that is, unless the steam coming from that trunk is generated from some hot and steamy action from it’s co-stars. Seriously though, give me some meat. These two capable co-stars have managed to set-up a premise, but will they offer some kind of substantial, genuine relationship pay-off. We shall see.

Filmmakers Chris Hartwell and Brian Walton, most known for their sci-fi Cataclysmo series, created Trunk and set it up with a home on their new video site WebSerials.com, along with some other movies-gone-serial. It’s an intriguing way to present a film, but instead of asking for a donation to keep creating shows, the site is doing an obvious pitch to get the viewer to buy the film (on DVD) that they just watched online, which could backfire, as the content is already offered for free. Shows with devout fan legions like The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog have seen this model work, but then again they built the fan base first. Unless this is simply a venture to distribute passion projects, the site, like the show, will need some more meat.

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