Ashton Kucher’s new web series, Blah Girls, from his Katalyst Media outfit has hit the small screen, debuting yesterday at the tech powerhouse TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco.

Blah Girls, the new animated series features the pop culture/celebrity laden musings of a trio of Los Angeles tween girls.  In the first episode the talk bops around from vajajays to Seth Rogen’s love of the ganja, alighting along topics as myriad as the underage Chinese Olympic gymnasts and the Branjelina clan. It’s pop mashup served up underage style, Clueless for the internet age, proving that Valley Girls can translate to any medium.

The similarities to South Park are immediate, and one has to think, intentional.  These are cute kids with oversized heads who walk sideways while supporting or skewering the various issues of our times.  The main difference is Blah Girls doesn’t attempt to take anything to the next level.  They’re, like, totes BFFs snacking on pop lunches, right?

They are funny.  Almost Talk Soup funny.  And that’s my grail of trashpop comedy. Brittany, Krystle, and Tiffany know what they like, and if that’s what YOU like, then you have new BFFs forevs.  But we’re supposed to like them rather than pity them.  It’s appropriate for saucy, twelve year old girls to obsess over US Weekly. What’s your excuse?

Ultimately, credit must be given to Homestar Runner for beautifully skewering this subset originally with Teen Girl Squad, but let’s not get into how Homestar already did everything funny online before any of the rest of us thought of it.

Like most things Hollywood, it’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it more famous-er-iest.  So, for being the best South Park-looking, Talk Soup-sounding Teen Girl Squad backed by Ashton Kucher, Blah Girls gets a check plus.  Does that sparkle with the rest of the committee?

Watch more fer yerself:

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