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Atomic Wedgie‘s Every Hipster is a glorious revenge piece on those dudes wearing forty dollar American Apparel shirts, but sipping PBR so they can still hang in the hood and listen to a local Tejano band later at the bistro down the street. Not only that, but Every Hipster is funny.

Derek Miller takes on the title role, skewering our pop-culture-loving society, while still managing to be charming. With a portrayal so accurate, one concludes extensive research into the deep thoughts of the hip one had been conducted. “I think the research was done for us,” Miller says. “Anywhere we went or anything that had a “buzz” to it was occupied by hipsters of some sort or the other, and God bless them, they try ever so hard to be unique that you can’t miss them. Turns out they also think their ideas are very important so they like to be heard as well.”

But it’s Miller’s humility that allows the nameless hipster to remain believable. “As much as I can make the satire meta, there are elements of simplicity that make him more relatable and ultimately humorous. At the end of the day it’s a 90 second clip, and I just want people to laugh.”

After getting a glimpse into this hipster’s cool hobbies, sweet threads, and dope lady friends, perhaps there is hope to get to know the man himself in future episodes. Miller says, “as much as the first couple were simple digs on the culture you will see more layers as the series progresses. Such as breaks in the facade of the character and the fourth wall itself. I mean, hipsters can’t call themselves hipsters, but a lot of this is poking fun at myself.”

In addition to Every Hipster, Miller is working on several other pilots for Atomic Wedgie, part of FremantleMedia, including CubeSoap, a soap opera happening entirely in a cubicle, and Atomic Zoo which goes inside the booth with two obnoxious morning radio DJs.

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