Each week, the staff at Tubefilter News gets together and picks out three shows we want to share with you.

This week’s picks:


Take complete, blunt truthfulness, and combine it with awkward situations (like an employee and his boss forced to talk to each other in the bathroom, or a black mailman in a predominantly white neighborhood), and you get the Atom original show Honesty. Created by Brit McAdams & Dave Steck, the show’s witty dialogue engages the viewer in a way not often seen online. Within seconds of watching an episode, it’s easy to pick up on the pattern of conversation and let yourself get immersed in the situation. Take this quick exchange between an auto mechanic and his rich client:

Mechanic: Let me tell you what I did to fix your car in such detail that I leave you feeling completely emasculated.

Client: Hmm… let me respond by working a word into the conversation that I know you don’t understand.

Stephen King’s “N.”

Master storyteller Stephen King presents this engaging animated prequel to his upcoming collection of short stories, “Just After Sunset.” Twenty-five daily graphic video episodes follow the story of a psychiatrist who may have fallen victim to the same fatal obsession as his patient. Warning: once you start watching this you will get hooked, and we take no responsibility if you too fall victim to “N.”

Mr. Deity

I think staff writer Bobby Bender explained Mr. Deity best, “Ever get the feeling that the world as we know it is essentially a very poorly run corporation? That God may be making it up as he goes along? That he is more than a little incompetent at his job as the universe’s acting CEO? If so, you’ve got company – that’s the premise behind Brian Keith Dalton’s hilarious religious satire, Mr. Deity… [The show] is a model of innovation and professionalism in web-based television. The writing and acting are first rate and the minimalist set design and top-notch production value add up to something that is wholly original.”

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