Most people wouldn’t peg a “how-to” show for using a computer program as a viable form of entertainment. And it probably wouldn’t be, with the exception of My Damn Channel‘s hilarious web series You Suck at Photoshop, which is currently on the 14th episode of its second season. Winner of a Webby Award for Best How-To and DIY Series (as well as the People’s Voice Awards for Best Comedy Series and Best How-To and DIY Series) in 2008, the show helpfully spurs along computer-challenged viewers by creating “real-life” scenarios (together with a sarcastic and deadpanning narrator named Donnie Hoyle) to assist in the Photoshop-learning process. Episode 14 was just released today:

Real-life, you ask? Well, it’s real life if you can relate to the following example, taken from episode 13, as Hoyle attempts to adjust some writing on a jersey -“Right, now these words are just hovering…unnaturally…like a certain man, again, had been hovering in front of your house, not too long ago…”. Regardless of whether or not you have stalkers gathering outside your home, you’ll find something to love about this show. New viewers of the show shouldn’t be surprised to see various episodes themed around Donnie’s stories of child-support woes, his marital troubles, and even his sperm (affectionately named “Ronnie”).

Whether you are an avid Photoshop user, or a beginner, this show will work for you as long as you have an open mind and a sense of humor. My Damn Channel supports the series with advertisements on their site, thereby giving the artists complete control over their content. Their website states, “We produce a diverse array of programming and….blah, blah, blah. Are you still reading this crap? If you really want to see what we do, then start exploring now.” Seconding that opinion, I’d say check out Photoshop and get a laugh with your learning. While its arguably the most successful show to use the screencasting format, YSAP isn’t the only one on the block, as the techie-hit The Website is Down gears up for more episodes this fall.

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