Tubefilter got some off-the-cuff reactions from Neil Patrick Harris, star of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, about his experiences on the new hit web series.

\Tubefilter: So, um, how do you feel about being back in the role of a doctor?

Neil Patrick Harris: It was horrible.

TF: Has has this experience doing a web show differed from TV or film?

NPH: There was no structure we had to fit into. And no higher-ups breathing down our necks. Plus, it’s JOSS. I deeply dig his sensibilities.

TF: What great things did Joss have to promise you to convince you to do Dr. Horrible?

NPH: Nothing. He said internet musical, and I said yes. Then he said ‘super villian’, and I regretted saying yes before because I sounded redundant saying yes again. Then he said ‘You’ll play Dr. Horrible’ and I wet myself a bit.

TF: How has Dr. Horrible allowed you to interact with your audience in a way that traditional media can’t?

NPH: Well, seeing as it just came out today, I haven’t really noticed a difference. I’m glad people get to see me sing. Doing a TV show doesn’t allow a lengthy theatre run. So it was nice to get to do that again.

TF: What was the most bizarre thing you had to do on set (no spoilers, of course)?

NPH: Hard to say without spoiling. But I had a green screen, Godzilla moment that was very strange to film. Wish I could elaborate.

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