There’s only one glaring issue with CoolMom, a new online series launched by and starring show creator Daphne Brogdon. If it’s true what they say – that moms are always on the go and never have time for themselves – then what makes anybody think that they can go online to watch videos? 

You have to wonder, with the influx of parent-oriented web series – most notably MSNBC’s (and now ABC’sIn the Motherhood and For Your Imagination’s DadLabs—where men and women with children find the time to tune in for regular anecdotes and advice, or a chance to relate to other parents and say, ‘Hey! That happens to me!’ It would seem that more so-called ‘traditional’ parents would still turn to sitcoms about the family on television, and that hipster mom and dads, who are in tune with online entertainment, would derive more pleasure from watching Mom Jeans than from CoolMom.

But I’m no parent, and the statistics seem to be moving against my intuition.  And episodes of CoolMom are usually under a minute. Surely, even the busiest moms have under a minute?

In every thirty- to sixty-second bit, Brogdon brings you into her home for benign comedic observations, such as the weird way women always refer to their pregnancies in weeks and their children’s ages as months – as if anyone without kids understands what it means to be 26 weeks pregnant. Just say four-and-a-half months and then we’ll get it.

###In addition to CoolMom, Brogdon is on the TV Guide Channel’s weekly series, The Fashion Team, a light-hearted look at celebrity fashion in which she hosts the segment, "Fashion Mommy Must Haves.” She’s a veteran TV personality who has had stints with CNN and FOX and who contributes regularly to Star Magazine. Yet, in spite of her impressive career in entertainment, Brogdon’s bread and butter in CoolMom is being remarkably down to earth.

For CoolMom, Brogdon turns the glamour down a notch; she dresses like a “mom” (though she’s not wearing mom jeans, per se) with very little makeup. She looks like a real person (granted a very attractive real person), versus a TV host. But unlike the everyday mom, Brogdon is polished in front of a camera, and her quips are a step above what you might overhear at a PTA meeting. She’s also a reminder that you can be a great mom without being a “perfect” mom. And let’s face it: most of us would take a Lynette Scavo over a Bree Van de Kamp any day.

While CoolMom and other parent-oriented series are filling a very marketable niche in the programming space, it’s interesting to think that those who would it enjoy it most probably have the least time to check it out. Of course, a truly “cool mom” would just stream it on her iPhone while pretending to watch Junior’s soccer game.

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