Roxanne Darling, creator and star of Beachwalks with Rox, and her partner/former-secret-cameraman, Shane, have been creating video for the internet since before the medium had a recognizable name, community or industry. 

Their ingenuity has been prolific – to date, the duo has created a whopping 627 episodes of Beachwalks – and they’ve become leaders in the community, always sharing interesting insights and initiatives. 

On April 22nd, Rox posted a video of the question that faces most internet-video entrepreneurs: What’s more important, production value or creativity (she posed it as “people or gear”)?   Of course, the unanimous answer from her esteemed Internet-video interviewees was…PEOPLE!

###High production value can be an important story-driver in some situations, but as we’ve seen time and again with successful internet-video enterprises, story drives craft, not the other way around.  A skillful application of a simple technology (i.e. text) is more moving than haphazard application of state-of-the-art effects (i.e. insert grossly overbudgeted, terrible Hollywood movie here). 

Story should drive production value.  If you can’t afford high production value, find a concept that can move without it. 

I recently had the pleasure of attending Rox’s Video Podcast Workflow Tips at PodCamp NYC, which she’s been kind enough to post in text form on Barefeet Studios’ website.  They’re simple tips for organization and productivity, and they’ve honestly cut about ten minutes from my video editing process.

Mahalo, Rox! Thanks for the great info!

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