Veronica Belmont who just last November left CNET to join Jason CalcanisMahalo Daily (which we’ve covered way too much), recently joined Revision 3‘s Tekzilla only to appear, once again, on the front page of CNET.  Apparently a distribution deal has been struck. 


Meanwhile, Calcanis and Alex Albrecht – co-host of Revision 3’s flagship Diggnation, good bud of Digg and Rev3 founder Kevin Rose and second coolest citizen of Internet Town – have joined superpowers to find the new host of Mahalo Daily with a fun-lovin Mahalo Vlog Idol that’s recently received some measured criticism from Sarah Meyers, or Andrew Baron, or both.

Meanwhile meanwhile, the first serious African American US presidential contender has all but clinched the Democratic nomination, a deranged former first lady refuses to quit the race she can’t win, Russia is officially ruled by an evil dictator, and the world faces a humanitarian disaster of biblical proportions.  Who cares?  Lets return to self-obsessed geeks.

The new Tekzilla with Veronica Belmont is good, for a talky show about tech.  How could it not be?  What nerd doesn’t want to hang out with a techie chick that oozes charm.  That’s all I got, really.

I can’t help but send props to the architects of this new media orgy/love fest/hate parade.  If it was planned, it was well played.

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