Cyberspace is home to some truly “out there” characters, and when these people make websites that attract thousands or even millions of visitors, you can bet funnyman Martin Sargent will be packing his bags.

The host of the Revision3 show, Web Drifter, Sargent travels around the country meeting the “genius kooks behind the Internet’s most intriguing and outlandish Websites.” You might recognize him as the slapstick host of the technology comedy podcast Infected or as the host of the late-night tech talk show Unscrewed. Think his comedic antics were off-the-wall there? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

What else? Sargent meets everyone from Randy Constan, the Florida man who regularly dresses like Peter Pan and features his fashion on a nearly 10-million-hit homepage, to Justin Kan, the founder of who broadcasts his life 24/7 on the Internet by strapping a camera to his head.

In each of his zany interviews, Sargent gets the nitty-gritty back stories to these Web personalities, sometimes even venturing into their homes and closets. So in the case of “Peter Pan,” for instance, we find out that Constan custom-designs all his own outfits and that he’s a – shocker! – computer programmer and electronic designer by day.

When watching Web Drifter, it’s not easy to decide who’s more unconventional: the “genius kooks” or Sargent himself. Given his comedic antics, it’s a bit of a miracle that so many of Sargent’s interviewees still manage to answer his screwball questions with a straight face.

And the comedy doesn’t end there. Sargent usually finishes off each episode with an outrageous skit. He takes on the dress, lifestyle, and/or the interests of his interviewees, and, well, it’s just not pretty. Sometimes, imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery after all.

Be sure to check out Al Hodson, Big Foot Hunter extraordinaire. The look on this old man’s face is classic as Sargent asks him such serious questions like, “Is there a gay Big Foot?” The episode ends with Sargent venturing into the forest and shooting “Big Foot,” a.k.a. Joey the poor intern.

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