Drop in to shralp surf! to experience some radical wave action with the adrenaline junkies who ride the untamed seas. The video podcast show was created in April 2006 by Christian Miessner, following the overwhelming success of shralp!, another site, launched in October 2005, which caters to snowboarding enthusiasts.  Miessner, a German internet innovator was at the forefront of Europe’s integration to web based technology in the 1990s. He worked for Europe’s first internet service provider in 1995 and at Microsoft’s German portal in 1997. The term “schralp” is used by German snowboarders and surfers, as a meeting of the words “shred” and “radical,” and represents the sound that boards make when they skirt over snow or water.

The site is host to a bi-weekly, five to seven-minute surfing podcast show, which delivers the latest news about what’s making waves in the surfing world. The monster waves that are featured every week are truly awe-inspiring. Users have access to Dream Tour highlights, interviews with the world’s best surfers, DVD previews, professional advice, and more. Content spans beaches and surf communities around the globe – visit Anaheim, California for the 2007 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, the 2006 Rip Curl Pro Event at Bells Beach in Australia, the 2006 Monster Energy Pro in Oahu, Hawaii, or hang-out with cool professional surfer, Benjamin Sanchis, in Hossegor, France . And if you’re curious about which country is the new breeding ground for the world’s best surfers tune into the WetDreams DVD Teaser. Surfing footage in episodes is set to contemporary beats by up-and-coming bands and rap groups, like The Trip, The Sea of Cortez , The Butterfly Effect, which is yet another site bonus.

The January 7, 2007episode that airs footage from the 2006 Pipe Master’s in Oahu, Hawaii , considered the best in Pipe Masters history, is worth a watch – professionals surf perfect 10s atop behemoth waves that seem to touch the sky.

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