Liam Lynch is the sort of prolific artist that can make almost everyone else in the industry jealous. Some of his career highlights include, but are not limited to, directing features for comedian Sarah Silverman and Jack Black’s band, Tenacious D, as well as several documentaries, music videos, and television commercials; working one-on-one with former Beatle Paul McCartney at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts; writing screenplays and television sitcoms; and releasing original albums, including the one-time radio hit, “United States of Whatever.” And, yes, since February 2006 he also finds time to maintain this website as a repository for some of this original material. 

As you might expect from a webmaster with such an extensive resume, the video fare on the site is quite eclectic. Viewers can find footage of Lynch playing his “United States of Whatever” alongside Dave Grohl during a Foo Fighters concert, and interview clips from the E! Television network and G4 TV. For good measure, there’s a short clip of Lynch interviewing a host of odd-looking CGI characters who all go by the name of “Chuppa.” As the description states, “There is no reason or logic to this video.” The podcasts feature everything from Liam on the set of Tenacious D to appearances from Ringo Starr and Tony Hawk. Once you’ve had your share of video footage, don’t fret. There are even more extensive collections of original photography and music to be found on the site as well. One surely can’t expect someone as energetic as Lynch to limit his site to one medium.

If you’re looking for some typical Liam Lynch fare, look no further than the video memorial to his recently deceased cat, Frankie Forcefield. Set to a song by Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche, it features so much footage of Frankie, whom Lynch describes as his “best friend,” that you’d be forgiven for wondering if he had been preparing for just such a tragedy. Nevertheless, thanks in no small part to the touching lyrics of Mr. Lerche, it’s a heartwarming video, and a good example of the amount of energy Lynch seems compelled to channel.

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