After visiting Hawaii for the first time and falling in love over 30 years ago, Roxanne Darling finally lived her dream and made the move  in 2002. Two years later, she initiated her online presence by starting her own blog, In the Transition. In early 2006, after learning about video from a couple of friends and joining the Hawaii Association of Podcasters, Darling decided to take “Secret Cameraman” along for her morning walks with her dog Lexi. Offering  interesting insights into Hawaiian life and her own thoughtful musings, Beack Walks with Rox has hardly missed a day since its first show on February 22, 2006.

Each Beach Walks entry is roughly 5 to 10 minutes long, and generally features Darling’s morning walks on the beach as she inquires about a wide array of thought-provoking topics, including finances, videoblogging, and the environment. She even took her show on the road when visiting New Mexico, California and Michigan, though the shows in Hawaii are the ones to watch.

Set against the backdrop of a beautiful beach, this soothing routine becomes almost addictive. “Secret Camerman” does an comendable job capturing the Hawaiian landscape and maneuvering  the beach smoothly, and Darling is pleasant and comfortable in front of the camera.  Each video is accompanied by a blog entry that has a recap of the show and a short listing of Hawaiian vocabulary words related to that day’s topic. 

In Math with Rox, Darling discusses distribution of wealth and how the average American CEO’s pay is over 260 times the average employee’s pay.   Its a nice springing board for a discussion on greed and consciousness and a nice example of what Beach Walks is all about.

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