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With over 20,000 members on its roster, Tubefilter brings together the most dynamic group of online entertainment professionals in the industry.

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Making The Jump—Successfully Transitioning From Free To Paid In Online Video
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at Busby’s East

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Open bar happy hour compliments of Vimeo.

Video advertising has long-dominated the online video industry as the primary income source for content creators—revenue sharing initiatives like YouTube’s revolutionary Partner Program have laid the foundational framework for the entire Multi-Channel Network industry.

But as our industry has matured, revenue opportunities have also diversified. Our past Tubefilter Meetups have explored the wide range of ways that creators are building their businesses: from integrated brand campaigns, book deals, television shows, touring and appearances, exclusive platform windows, and merchandising.

And now video content itself has become a product to buy, rent, or subscribe to. Altough the ever-alluring pay-to-play video model has fallen flat for creators in the past (see our December 2012 Tubefilter Meetup), this time around it is seeming to stick. Creators are turning to platforms like Vimeo On Demand to sell streaming and downloadable content directlyto fans.

We’re sitting down with Vimeo’s Director of Marketing and Distribution along with some of the most successful creators, filmmakers, and studio executives in online video for a deep dive into Vimeo’s newest VOD service. Join us as we learn how the 10-year old platform is reinventing itself and quickly becoming the darling of the online video community, and learn how creators are successfully moving their fans from free to paid content.

Making The Jump—Successfully Transitioning From Free To Paid In Online Video
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at Busby’s East

Early Bird Tickets have SOLD OUT—get your tickets now!

Open bar happy hour compliments of Vimeo.


Peter GerardPeter Gerard
Director of Marketing and Distribution, Vimeo
Marc HustvedtMarc Hustvedt
Founder, SUPERGRAVITY Pictures
Philip Wang & Wesley ChanPhilip Wang
Wesley Chan
Wong Fu Productions
Desmond DollyDesmond “Dez” Dolly
Co-founder, RocketJump

Drew Baldwin


Moderator: Drew Baldwin, Founder of Tubefilter and Creator of the Streamy Awards

Making The Jump—Successfully Transitioning From Free To Paid In Online Video
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at Busby’s East

Early Bird Tickets have SOLD OUT—get your tickets now!

Open bar happy hour compliments of Vimeo.

7:00pm – Doors Open (pre-seating)
7:45pm – Panel Discussion and Q&A
8:45pm – Networking Mixer

We hope to see you there! Also, please note, Busby’s East is a 21+ location.

Special thanks to our Meetup Partner Vimeo, to our Supporting Partners Semaphore, Endemol beyond USA, and SAG-AFTRA New Media, and to our Community Partners Snap Yourself!, Shorts Showcase, and Channel Pages.


Previous Events:

Our Spring 2012 Meetup, Creative Marketing in Social Video, turned to the experts to continue the conversation of our contentious Cheaters panel. From small companies trying to break through the noise to global brands vying to edge out their competitors, getting noticed online is what its all about, and our panelists have turned video marketing into an art form.

Our Winter 2012 Meetup, Do Cheaters Never Prosper?, took a hard look at the controversial topic of “cheating” in which marketers game the system to maximize viewership. We explored the most ingenious—and most unscrupulous—techniques in practice.

Our Fall 2011 Meetup, Social Video on Steroids, our panel of experts from Klout, EQAL, and Attention Span Media shared how to engage and drive audiences using best practices in social media marketing and promotion.

Our Summer 2011 Meetup, Beyond YouTube, set out to discover what other ways online video creators are reaching and building audiences, and how they’re optimizing revenue.  We asked the panelists whether YouTube is the be-all-end-all in online video, or rather an important component in a more complete online video business strategy—and it turned out to be quite a hot topic.

Panelists included Dane Boedigheimer of The Annoying Orange, Wilson Cleveland of CJP Digital Media, Barrett Garese of, Dan Weinstein of the Collective Digital Studio, and Jason Calacanis of Mahalo and This Week In.

Our Spring 2011 Meetup, The Digitour Debriefed,  was the last stop on The Digitour 2011, a 27-city national tour of top web stars with over one billion combined views and more than six million subscribers on YouTube.

The Digitour revealed a new way for online talent to connect with, engage, and monetize fans—and proves that web celebrity translates to live audiences, just as “real” Hollywood stars and musicians do. The success of The Digitour indicates the beginning of something big—really big—a major paradigm shift in the way studios, advertisers, networks, and investors will regard the online video industry going forward.

Panelists included Sarah EvershedExecutive Producer of The Digitour and President of The Cloud Media, along with Digitour performers Dave DaysDeStorm, and MysteryGuitarMan.

Our Winter 2011 Meetup, You’re A YouTube Partner—Now What?, was also a great success. Panelists included Reckless TortugaThe Fine BrothersBarely Political and Co-Developer of the YouTube Partner Program, George Strompolos. The event was sold out, filling the Mile High Ballroom at Busby’s to capacity, and tens of thousands tuned into the Stickam live stream.

Check out a short recap put together by Peter Bragiel from In Transit:

Hollywood Web Television Meetup
With over 20,000 members on its roster, Tubefilter events bring together the most dynamic group of online entertainment professionals in the industry.

Our events feature the top creators, producers, talent, executives, agents, distributors, and technologists in online entertainment today.

With presentations, panels, and lectures from the top individuals and companies shaping the future of our industry, the Tubefilter Meetup provides an unrivaled opportunity to bring together this powerful community to share resources, collaborate, and determine together who we are and where we are headed.

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About the Meetup

Tubefilter’s Hollywood Web Television Meetup brings together the best and the brightest of the Web Television community every month somewhere in Los Angeles. Past events have been hosted at venues such as the American Film Institute and the Screen Actors Guild, and our lineup of past presenters include:

  • Big Fantastic: This web television powerhouse first caught the eye of former Disney Chariman Michael Eisner’s web production studio Vuguru with their debut independent series Sam Has 7 Friends, the first daily scripted dramatic web series. Together Big Fantastic and Vuguru created Prom Queen, which drew over 20 Million views during its initial run, and has since spawned two sequels and a Japanese remake.
  • Eric Berger: Senior Vice President of Digital Networks at Sony Pictures Television
  • Larry Tanz: Larry is the newly-minted President of Vuguru, the digital studio founded by Michael Eisner that recently received financing from Canada’s Rogers Media.
  • Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt: Executive Producers of Sony Crackle’s The Bannen Way
  • Tosca Musk and Jeff MacPherson of Tiki Bar TV. Entering its fifth season, Tiki Bar TV is one of the most popular web series of all time and one of the leading video podcasts on Apple’s iTunes with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • Sandeep Parikh: CEO, and creator of The Legend of Neil on Comedy Central and
  • Bismarck Lepe, Founder, Ooyala
  • Screen Actors Guild Department of New Media: Todd Amorde, National Director of Organizing; Bob Jensen, Manager; Nayla Wren, Lead Organizer; and Steve Graham, Director of Online Casting
  • Jeremy Azevedo, Director of Entertainment Programming,
  • Seananners, YouTube Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube star
  • Ben Relles, YouTube Next Lab
  • Rafi Fine, TheFineBros
  • George Strompolos, CEO, Fullscreen and Co-Developer of the YouTube Partner Program