Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh is taking her Boyfriend fragrance line to the ‘net.

The new fragrance, Billionaire Boyfriend, features a series of original online videos that capture the brand’s “lavish, decadent expression of seduction and opulence.” And they are hilarious.

Billionaire Boyfriend‘s employs the successful self-aware format of spoof movie trailers and fake commercials to actually advertise a real product.

The campaign is characterized by an overblown homage to 60’s Italian films, the ‘jet set’, Monte Carlo, casinos, and James Bond, all done with a straight face. Think Charlie’s Angeles performed in the style of Old Spice Man and Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World.

“There’s a new Boyfriend in town, and this guys loaded,” touts the campaign’s latest slogan. Walsh wanted to create a campaign that “screamed luxury and glamour but also had a bit of humor in them.”

“I am a huge believer in social media and these videos were a fun way to reach the consumer and grab their attention,” Walsh told Tubefilter. “They are not your typical fragrance commercials.”

That’s for sure. Billionaire Boyfriend invites you to “imagine a drive down the Amalfi coast in a vintage Alfa Romeo, dripping in diamonds and radiating pure sensuality and passion”—this barely begins to frame your experience for a perfume whose bottle is inspired by a special reserve vintage champagne bottle.

Check out Casino (above) and Bond Girl, which features a mermaid, a greedy octopus, and a rhinestone-encrusted diver’s knife.