Meta and Spotify are shifting resources away from their Clubhouse competitors

Clubhouse, like many other breakout stars of the early COVID-19 era, is losing its luster. With public spaces opening back up, there’s less interest in digital chat rooms, and the company known for providing those rooms is experiencing growing pains as a result.

Clubhouse’s downfall is affecting other companies as well. When the app was in its heyday, several tech giants launched their own copycats of it, and those copycats are starting to fade into obscurity. Specifically, Spotify has shuttered the Creator Fund for its Greenroom platform, and Meta is moving its resources away from the Clubhouse competitor known as Live Audio Rooms.

Let’s start with Spotify, which recently emailed creators to let them know that the Spotify Greenroom Creator Fund “will not be moving forward.” The monetary incentive was announced alongside Greenroom, which Spotify envisioned as a Clubhouse rival.