Cracking The YouTube Algorithm In 2020

By 07/12/2019
Cracking The YouTube Algorithm In 2020

The YouTube algorithm is in constant flux, but structurally it’s remained very consistent since the switch from ‘Views’ to ‘Watch Time.’ This means that large data sets can give us big insight into what content is getting the most exposure on the platform. 

In Cracking YouTube 2020, we at Little Monster look at those big data sets. This report sees us analyze 200,000 videos from 20,000 channels to see what they tell us about…

  • The best day to post videos
  • The best duration of video to post
  • What YouTube is promoting through recommendations and search results
  • What metadata matters (and what doesn’t)
  • How frequently to post
  • 20 other factors that influence viewership

You can watch me present this report at VidCon 2019 on the industry track, or check out the full report below.