How VidCon Is Taking Care Of Its Fans And Creators

By 06/15/2018
How VidCon Is Taking Care Of Its Fans And Creators

The 9th iteration of VidCon will commence on June 20, 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. In the immediate days and weeks leading up to it, we’re going to be publishing some guest posts from the executives and operators behind the preeminent “event and experience for those who work in online video and those who love it.” The goal is to gain some insight into the thought process and emotion behind and mechanics of a 30,000-person gathering attended by some of the most well-known and influential individuals in the world. You can check this series out – as well as the rest of our VidCon coverage – right here

Serving as General Manager of VidCon is a job that requires many “hats.” Overseeing internal operations, ticketing and customer service, working with sponsors, and integrating executives from Silicon Valley and “Silicon Beach” is a waterfall of tasks. None of these compare to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our Featured Creators – top digital talent from YouTube and numerous platforms –  and our tens of thousands of attendees. As we near another VidCon in Anaheim – poised to be the biggest and best yet – security is top of mind to ensure VidCon is not only fun, but safe for everyone.

From the teens that can’t wait to celebrate and meet their favorite digital creators to industry veterans looking to learn, connect and expand their businesses across online video, VidCon is a huge success because it brings people together through a meaningful, and safe, experience.


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Ever year, we re-examine and improve our security policies to provide attendees peace of mind. For example, this year will be the first time VidCon access will be controlled by RFID bracelets. Embraced by the world’s biggest music festivals, these bracelets cannot be removed or shared to secure the perimeter of VidCon and our outdoor “Festival” area is fenced-in, and accessible, to only our fans who purchased badges.

Organization and comfort are also top of mind as we build our show. When VidCon was a smaller event, Featured Creators could hang out with their fans in public areas throughout the Anaheim Convention Center. As our audience grows, we understood the safety of our Creators and attendees needed to outweigh the excitement of gathering in an informal capacity.

Now in our ninth VidCon, we’ve ramped up our security efforts (in less visible ways) throughout the convention center.

We’ve moved Meet and Greet locations to a separate hall and created numerous opportunities for fans to see their favorite Creators – from stage shows and Q&A sessions to evening concerts and more. These measures are the reason we expect to welcome around 400 Featured Creators, excited to share their time and meet their fans.

I’m incredibly proud of our amazing team, whose passion and hard work creates an unforgettable experience for our Creators and their fans. As we expand around the globe (Melbourne and Amsterdam in 2017, London in 2019!), we’re eager to showcase VidCon as the safest place for online video fans to experience elation, excitement and community.

I can’t wait to see it all unfold again in Anaheim. I hope to see you there!

Jim Louderback joined VidCon in 2014 as editorial director of the industry track, and took over as CEO in 2017. Earlier this year he led the sale of VidCon to Viacom, where he is now GM of VidCon. 

Previously Jim was CEO of on-line video startup Revision3, and led the company to 20x viewer and revenue growth and 9 prestigious awards. In 2012, he sold Revision3 to Discovery, led the integration, launched and acquired 6 new networks, and built Discovery Digital Networks. Prior to that, Jim spent 16 years in increasingly senior editorial and technology management roles at TechTV, PC Magazine and PC Week.

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