Indie Spotlight: In ‘Avant-Guardians’ An Angel Needs Some Guidance Of Her Own

By 01/12/2018
Indie Spotlight: In ‘Avant-Guardians’ An Angel Needs Some Guidance Of Her Own

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Christmas season is over, and just as January may bring a literal holiday hangover, it is also the perfect time to deconstruct cutesy Yuletide tropes. Enter Avant-Guardians, a web series about a guardian angel who is ordered by God to attend therapy sessions.

Avant-Guardians, directed by Clarence Williams IV, stars Alesia Etinoff as Razz, a heavenly helper whose human charge has seen better days. After he ends up in the hospital, Razz is ordered to sit down with an angelic shrink portrayed by Zainab Johnson. Each episode shows a piece of the conversation between the two leads. In the premiere, they attempt to unpack the unsavory nickname Razz has bestowed upon her human: Creepy Charlie.


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Avant-Guardians isn’t just a satirical take on It’s A Wonderful Life; it’s also a canvas through which Razz and her therapist can explore modern-day social issues. Creepy Charlie’s life inspires conversations about some heavy topics, which are examined with sharp comedy. Johnson’s biting remarks, in particular, keep the laughs coming. That may be unprofessional behavior for a therapist, and especially for a heavenly being, but it’s also very funny, so I’m not going to complain.

Seven episodes of Avant-Guardians are available via YouTube.


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