While rappers deliver their latest tracks, A Zae Production holds the camera. Zae’s YouTube channel, partnered with BroadbandTV, is filled with music videos that feature bother established hip-hop stars and up-and-coming performers. Thanks in part to his work with big names like Chief Keef and 21 Savage, Zae now has more than one million subscribers, whom he provides he fresh content multiple times per week. Here’s our chat with one of the top videographers in the rap world:

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have more than one million subscribers on YouTube? What do you have to say to your fans?

A Zae: Man, it’s unbelievable. I didn’t ever think that I was going to make it! I want to thank all of my fans and everybody that’s been supporting me since day one.

TF: Your channel has experienced a rapid rise over the past couple of years. Why do you think that is?

AZ: It’s probably because I was the only person in Chicago that was working with all of the popping rappers at once.

TF: What does a typical day look like for you?

AZ: Get Up. Eat. Edit. Eat. Edit. Sleep. Do it all again the next day.

TF: How do you discover new artists to work with?

AZ: Mainly Instagram and YouTube. I just watch random up and coming rappers and I also just check my Instagram DMs, I get a lot of rappers that reach out to me directly.

TF: Who are some up-and-coming rappers you think we should have on our cultural radar?

AZ: Two names that you should definitely check out are Ravyn Lenae and JoBro.

TF: How do you think platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud have changed the rap game?

AZ: Up and coming artists don’t even need the radio anymore, that’s how strong ​YouTube’s platform is. It’s changed the game for sure.

TF: What do you think makes a hip-hop music video good? Are there any particular techniques you favor?

AZ: Angles and a lot of greedy b-roll footage as well as a lot of cuts.

TF: Beyond music, what are some of your other interests?

AZ: Playing NBA2K and Madden.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

AZ: A lot of new videos from new rappers, in addition to working with some real familiar faces as well. Stay tuned!

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