Fund This: ‘The Grapevine’ Serves Up Restaurant Comedy On Kickstarter

By 02/15/2017
Fund This: ‘The Grapevine’ Serves Up Restaurant Comedy On Kickstarter

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Project Name: The Grapevine

Asking For: $50,000 through Kickstarter


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Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $702

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 19

Description: The restaurant business offers no shortage of high-stress situations, and those moments will form the basis of a new web comedy. Avery Anthony is the creator behind The Grapevine, a sitcom about an Italian eatery that looks to move from its casual roots to become a more upscale joint.

The protagonists of The Grapevine are the restaurants employees, who must discover the best strategies for interacting with customers, serving food, and keeping their ship afloat. The show’s trailer was shared as part of the Kickstarter project’s pitch video, and it ensures us that not all will go according to plan, leading to plenty of opportunities for bantering and bickering.

For The Grapevine, Anthony is working with Cesar Silva, the creator of the Server Life Instagram account. Together, they hope to create a full-season restaurant comedy that people in the service industry can relate to.

Creator Bio: Anthony is a creator with experience in the web series world. His previous show About Us, revolved around a quippy group of friends.

Best Perk: The $25 perk, which includes a digital download and bonus content, is titled “Shrimp Ravioli.” We cannot confirm or deny whether The Grapevine is willing to email you an actual crustacean.

Why You Should Fund It: The best web content is drawn from the personal experiences of creative people, and The Grapevine is strongly tied to the food service industry and the people who work within it. The Server Life Instagram account has gathered close to 600,000 followers by sharing relatable memes with servers, waiters, and other people in the biz. Look for The Grapevine to be similarly on-point, should it achieve the production goals it wishes to reach.

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