Rooster Teeth Plans More ‘Million Dollars, But…’, ‘Little Roosters’ From RTX

By 07/04/2016
Rooster Teeth Plans More ‘Million Dollars, But…’, ‘Little Roosters’ From RTX

Rooster Teeth just wrapped the 2016 iteration of its gaming and internet convention RTX in Austin, Texas, on July 3. On the first day of the 6th annual expo, the digital production company announced the upcoming Sex Swing: The Animated Series, based on their Funhaus brand, as well as the volume four premiere date of hit anime show RWBY. Over the last two days of RTX, Rooster Teeth revealed even more titles for 2016. For starters, the popular series Million Dollars, But… will return for a third season. Additionally, Rooster Teeth has greenlit the show Eleven Little Roosters, a follow-up to its Ten Little Roosters murder mystery series.

Million Dollars, But… is a party game-style series where Rooster Teeth cast members posit fictional, yet utterly absurd situations to each other to see what they would or wouldn’t do to inherit $1 million. The series spawned a card game version in May 2016, which was (ironically) crowdfunded for over $1 million through Kickstarter. The third season of Million Dollars, But… is currently in production.

Million Dollars, But…, the show that tests how far the Rooster Teeth cast will go to make a million bucks, is returning for its third season,” said the series’ director Blaine Gibson in an email interview. “Fans can expect new guests, weirder scenarios, and the same bizarre humor.”


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Rooster Teeth will add another title to its slate of originals in the form of Eleven Little Roosters. A sequel to the popular interactive murder mystery show Ten Little Roosters, which debuted in November 2014, Eleven Little Roosters will follow the same format but this time in a spy-based setting.

“The spiritual successor to Ten Little Roosters — but with a twist of genre — Eleven Little Roosters takes fans through an interactive spy thriller that pits international assassins against each other, and tasks viewers with predicting who will survive,” explained director Josh Flanagan. “Part genre-comedy, part digital scavenger hunt, Eleven Little Roosters stars a host of Rooster Teeth personalities — and a handful of secret cameos — and features a host of new interactive features, including 360 video segments.”

Million Dollars, But… season three will be released at some point before the end of summer 2016, while Eleven Little Roosters will debut in the fall. You can catch up on previous episodes of Million Dollars, But… and Ten Little Roosters on Rooster Teeth’s website or YouTube channel.

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