National Geographic is a 128-year-old brand, but on social media, it is young at heart. The nature and science publication continues to excel on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, and at its 2016 NewFronts presentation, it announced new endeavors for those frontiers and many others. Among other initiatives, it is planning MoviNG Pictures, its first video series for its popular Instagram feed.

MoviNG Pictures will make use of Nat Geo’s network of talented photographers, who have already helped the publication’s Instagram hub become the social media network’s most-followed non-celebrity account. Beginning in August, the feed’s 49.3 million fans will be able to follow Nat Geo’s photographers as they go out on their respective assignments. The show’s launch will be timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

Beyond Instagram, Nat Geo has plenty more programming it plans to unveil in the coming months. Its upcoming original series include a 16-episode exploration of Canadian fauna called Wild_Life (pictured above) and a companion piece for its upcoming TV miniseries Mars. It will also continue to share updates on Snapchat’s Discover section, where its content is viewed 780,000 times per day.

Nat Geo is also one of the many NewFronts presenters with big plans for virtual reality. It will launch a VR studio that, according to National Geographic Partners CEO Declan Moore, will “ensure that we’ll be everywhere, anytime, and anywhere our consumers want us to be.”

Here, via a press release, is information on all the projects Nat Geo discussed during its presentation:


Animal Close-Up
National Geographic is serving up the cutest, funniest and strangest faces of the animal kingdom. Each episode brings viewers closer to the animals they love, alongside important stories and insights, to provide a better understanding of these adorable creatures.

Before Mars
National Geographic Channel’s first-ever digital short series, Before Mars, sets the scene for the highly anticipated fall event series MARS. The six-part series, set in present day 2016, presents a heart-warming story about change, exploration, discovery and friendship, while entertaining and engaging the audience with a combination of mysterious cliffhangers and hopeful adventures. It also creates a narrative arc to the larger series debuting in November, with twin girls’ struggle to adjust to their new rural home, paralleling mankind’s desire to one day make Mars home.

Get Out: A Guide to Adventure
National Geographic’s first how-to series, Get Out, features adventure experts as they share insider tips and tricks to owning the outdoors like a pro, taking viewers one step closer to living like a Nat Geo explorer.

Through hyper-lapse technology, InTime takes viewers on a high-speed romp through iconic travel destinations around the world.

Ever wonder how a bat lands upside down? We’ll show you the unbelievable acrobatics of a bat, frame by frame. What happens in the split second a human bursts into laughter? Or sneezes? Or cries? We’ll break these down in (often hilarious) slow motion with scientists and psychologists explaining frame by frame.

In Limitless, National Geographic goes inside the bodies and minds of individuals who seem almost super-human, surprising viewers with insights into what makes a world-class athlete physically superior to the rest of us.

In National Geographic’s original web series targeted at millennials, host Angeli Gabriel answers intriguing questions that plague the human mind in an entertaining, engaging and relatable way. Covering topics from science to history and sprinkled with quick wit and pop culture references, NGenius is Nat Geo’s answer to the trendy YouTube explainer series that have gained extreme popularity in the digital age.

NG Gold
Through National Geographic’s extensive arsenal of filmmakers and scientists, we have access to some of the most special, wild and unbelievable moments around the globe. These include capturing a crocodile’s mouth clamping down on a camera, discovering an elusive shark in an underwater volcano or witnessing a baby blue whale nursing its mother in the wild.

The Real (City)
Everyone knows that the best way to experience a city is to talk to the locals. In The Real (City) National Geographic Travel takes viewers to cities around the world, uncovering the hidden gems known only by the inhabitants who live there, and inspiring each of us to pack our bags.

Wild_Life With Bertie Gregory
In Nat Geo WILD’s first digital series, wildlife filmmaker Bertie Gregory journeys to the Pacific Northwest in search of the elusive coastal wolves that inhabit one of the last places on the planet where a wild forest meets a wild ocean. While in the field, Bertie navigates harsh terrain filled with unexpected encounters, all in an effort to find and film wolves that seem more like ghosts of the Northwest than actual creatures.

Photo credit: Bertie Gregory

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