Cyanide & Happiness is giving its fans a chance to author their own profane comic strips. The popular webcomic, whose creators also run a thriving YouTube channel, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Joking Hazard, a new tabletop game that blends Cyanide & Happiness with Cards Against Humanity.

Joking Hazard is inspired by the random comic generator available on the Cyanide & Happiness website. As with that program, each round of the game creates its own three-panel comic that ends in the sort of explicit, non-PC conclusion for which C&H is known. The competitive aspect of the game arrives in that last panel, where a judge determines which other player’s punchline makes for the funniest comic.

An introductory video hosted by C&H’s Rob DenBleyker provides more details about Joking Hazard. We also get to see the game in action; when the C&H team plays it, funny voices are involved.

In order to fund its latest creation, C&H turned to Kickstarter, where it hoped to raise $10,000. At the time of this post, the campaign is just five hours old, but it has already raised more than $134,000 and exceeded its initial target many times over. The next step is a series of stretch goals, but the C&H team is going about its campaign in an unconventional way. In order to unlock additional material, backers must fulfill a series of strange tasks, ranging from ‘construct C&H-shaped crop circles’ to ‘troll Donald Trump on Twitter.’ To join the fun (and reveal more Joking Hazard goals), check out the game’s Facebook page.

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