Keith Powell Of ‘30 Rock’ Breaks A Leg In New Web Series

By 08/25/2015
Keith Powell Of ‘30 Rock’ Breaks A Leg In New Web Series

Actor Keith Powell is best known for his role as Toofer on the sitcom 30 Rock, but he has also produced a number of original web series. Powell’s latest effort is Keith Broke His Leg, which follows his life while he is laid up at home with a broken leg.

While nursing his injury, Powell can’t move around too well, and as a result, Keith Broke His Leg plays out as a slow-burning comedy. A mellow soundtrack accompanies Powell as he hangs out with friends, records a promo for an all-black cruise line, and, in the first episode, disappears down a porn-related Internet rabbit hole.

In total, Keith Broke His Leg runs for six episodes, which are all available on the series’ official website. Throughout the show’s run, some familiar faces show up. Most significantly, Aubrey Plaza appears as a guest star in the sixth episode.

The bottom line: Keith Broke His Leg is a sleek, well-shot, reasonably funny web series. If, like Powell, you’re marooned in your own house–or even if you’re not–it’s a nice way to spend an hour.