Top 250 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide In 2014

By 01/30/2015
Top 250 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide In 2014

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Welcome to our second annual installment of the yearly Tubefilter Top 250 Most Viewed YouTube Channels chart.


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With 2015 now firmly underway, we’ve collected and organized all the data from the year prior so you can see which online video channels amassed the the largest view counts in 2014. The names won’t be unfamiliar to any regular reader of our Tubefilter Charts, though you will probably make some new discoveries as you scroll down the list.

And Spoiler Alert: Very impressive stats below.

Chart Toppers

It’s no surprise Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg‘s PewDiePie channel was the #1 most viewed channel in all of 2014, but what is a little surprising is how many views the 25-year-old Swede scored over the course of the year. PewDiePie amassed nearly 4.1 billion (with a “b”) views in the 365 days of the calendar year. That averages out to more than 11 million views per day, 467,700 views per hour, 7,700 views per minute, and nearly 130 views per second.

In a distant, but still very impressive second place is DisneyCollectorBR. The internet’s favorite destination for videos featuring adults playing with children’s toys racked up more than 3.2 billion views on the year. Katy Perry is next up in third place. The international pop star had a roaring good 2014 and ended the year with nearly 2.4 billion views.

Up next in the #4 spot is StampyLongHead. The British-based gamer who’s ready to invade your living room (if he hasn’t already) clocked in at more than 2.2 billion views in 2014. And rounding out the Top 5 is Shakira. The second international pop star towards the top of the chart had a great year thanks to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and closed out 2014 just shy of 2 billion views.

Top Gainers

All the channels in the Top 250 Most Viewed of 2014 obviously had very good years, but there’s are a few channels in particular that had a better year that most.

The honor of one of our Top Gainers this year goes to JuegaGerman.

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis‘ original YouTube destination for his comedy clips and video blogs HolaSoyGerman did very well in 2014, but it was the Chilean’s online video gaming destination that had one of the highest year-over-year increases in views. JugeaGerman was up 6,149% in 2014, topping out at nearly 740.6 million views and the #70 spot on the chart.

And the honor of one of our Top Gainers this year goes to iamOther.

Pharrell Williams is surely very happy for the year his online video brand dedicated to “Thinkers, Innovators, and Outcasts” had on YouTube. The American singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer’s upbeat track for Despicable Me 2 found a home on before going viral all around the globe. The video almost single handedly increased the channel’s view count by 2,083% on the year, bumping it up to more than 669.4 million views and the #89 spot on the chart

Channel Distribution

The Top 250 Most Viewed YouTube channels in 2014 amassed in aggregate a total of 174,498,515,864 views. Here’s a look at the distribution of those channels broken down by the most-represented YouTube Multi-Channel Networks on the chart:

  • VEVO: 43 channels in the Top 250. Katy Perry is the network’s highest ranking channel at #3.
  • Maker Studios: 29 channels in the Top 250, with PewDiePie at #1.
  • Machinima: 11 channels in the Top 250, with VanossGaming at #14.
  • Collective Digital Studio: 10 channels in the Top 250, with Good Mythical Morning at #103.
  • Fullscreen: 5 channels in the Top 250, with PopularMMOs at #25.
  • DEFY Media, Disney, Warner Bros, WMG, XMediaDigital: 4 channels each in the top 250, with DEFY’s Smosh at #33, Disney’s Disney Animation at #46, Warner Bros’ The Ellen Show at #40, WMG’s Jason Derulo at #48, and XMediaDigital’s GetMovies at #10.
  • Movie Clips: 3 channels in the Top 250, with MovieClipsTrailers at #17.
  • ABC, BroadbandTV, BuzzFeed, Fremantle, IDG, Jetpak, Munhwa, Rooster Teeth, Wizdeo: 2 channels each in the Top 250, with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live at #64, BroadbandTV’s Speedyw03 at #154, BuzzFeed’s BuzzFeed Video at #26, Fremantle’s Britain’s Got Talent at #73, IDG’s Gronkh at #194, Jetpak’s SeaNanners at #67, Munhwa’s MBCentertainment at #38, Rooster Teeth’s Rooster Teeth at #52, and Wizdeo’s aMOODIEsqueezie at #109..

And here’s a look into the distribution of the this month’s Top 250 by country of origin:

  • The United States: 132 channels in the Top 250.
  • Great Britain: 25 channels in the Top 250.
  • India: 11 channels in the Top 250.
  • South Korea, Russia: 9 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Canada, Spain: 8 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Japan: 7 channels in the Top 250.
  • Thailand: 6 channels in the Top 250.
  • Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Philippines: 3 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Childe, France, Mexico, Sweden, United Arab Emirates: 2 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Australia, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Romania, Turkey: 1 channel each in the Top 250.

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Tubefilter's Yearly Top 250
250 Most Viewed YouTube Channels
Worldwide • 2014
PewDiePie Views in 2014: 4,097,586,592 81% Subs in 2014: 13,968,333 | Position Last Year: 1 All-Time Views: 7,291,831,970 | All-Time Subs: 33,291,123
                Maker Studios                            
DisneyCollectorBR Views in 2014: 3,235,665,474 189% Subs in 2014: 2,451,839 | Position Last Year: 7 All-Time Views: 4,431,691,471 | All-Time Subs: 3,294,819
                United States            
KatyPerryVEVO Views in 2014: 2,380,673,025 166% Subs in 2014: 5,831,512 | Position Last Year: 15 All-Time Views: 4,655,596,076 | All-Time Subs: 14,623,315
                United States            
stampylonghead Views in 2014: 2,203,778,433 590% Subs in 2014: 3,736,059 | Position Last Year: 130 All-Time Views: 2,523,554,645 | All-Time Subs: 4,654,012
                Great Britain            
                Maker Studios                            
shakiraVEVO Views in 2014: 1,975,264,915 358% Subs in 2014: 4,167,740 | Position Last Year: 71 All-Time Views: 4,244,129,828 | All-Time Subs: 6,047,867
                United States            
SpinninRec Views in 2014: 1,950,512,490 148% Subs in 2014: 4,621,343 | Position Last Year: 18 All-Time Views: 3,965,363,146 | All-Time Subs: 7,873,102
WatchMojo Views in 2014: 1,681,568,491 291% Subs in 2014: 4,716,130 | Position Last Year: 72 All-Time Views: 2,285,288,712 | All-Time Subs: 6,275,665
                United States            
EnriqueIglesiasVEVO Views in 2014: 1,656,541,565 426% Subs in 2014: 2,993,197 | Position Last Year: 134 All-Time Views: 2,934,385,667 | All-Time Subs: 4,465,355
                United States            
TheDiamondMinecart Views in 2014: 1,594,933,255 582% Subs in 2014: 3,325,678 | Position Last Year: 205 All-Time Views: 1,829,115,689 | All-Time Subs: 4,595,461
                Great Britain            
                Maker Studios                            
getmovies Views in 2014: 1,592,339,007 73% Subs in 2014: 1,106,078 | Position Last Year: 12 All-Time Views: 3,148,970,370 | All-Time Subs: 2,630,021
gmmgrammyofficial Views in 2014: 1,561,771,102 49% Subs in 2014: 1,630,567 | Position Last Year: 9 All-Time Views: 3,253,411,400 | All-Time Subs: 4,281,829
tseries Views in 2014: 1,559,373,882 112% Subs in 2014: 2,473,009 | Position Last Year: 25 All-Time Views: 2,970,053,578 | All-Time Subs: 6,239,122
WWEFanNation Views in 2014: 1,528,763,458 256% Subs in 2014: 2,271,241 | Position Last Year: 73 All-Time Views: 2,389,916,440 | All-Time Subs: 4,753,928
                United States