Top 250 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Worldwide In 2014

By 01/23/2015
Top 250 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Worldwide In 2014

Welcome to our second annual installment of the yearly Tubefilter Top 250 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels chart.

With 2015 now firmly underway, we’ve collected and organized all the data from the year prior so you can see which online video channels amassed the the largest audiences and fan bases in 2014. The names won’t be unfamiliar to any regular reader of our Tubefilter Charts, though you will probably make some new discoveries as you scroll down the list.

And Spoiler Alert: Very impressive stats below.


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Chart Toppers

In 2014, the most subscribed channel on YouTube belonged to a twentysomething Swedish gamer whose parents named him Felix Kjellberg, but who’s better known online as PewDiePie. Kjellberg’s ever-growing collection of Let’s Play videos accompanied by the occasional personal vlog and charitable campaign amassed almost 14 million subscribers last year, bringing the total count of his Bro Army to well above 33 million.

In a far distant second, but still with a very impressive subscriber figure is Canadian-based online video gamer VanossGaming. The self-proclaimed maker of “funny gaming videos” added nearly 6.6 million subscribers in the 12 months of 2014. HolaSoyGerman is next up in a close third place. The YouTube home of Chilean comedian and online video blogger Germán Alejandro Garmendia Arnis tacked on 6.3 million new subscribers over the course of the year, brining the channel’s total to well above 20 million.

Up next is Katy Perry. The only pop star in the Top 5 roared her way up to the #4 spot by adding 5.8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel in 2014. And rounding out the Top 5 is Vegetta777. The online video catalog of the Spanish gamer and “boy lover of unicorns who lives with a murderous elf in his room” (that’s a rough translation from his channel’s about page, by the way) ended the year up more than 4.8 million subscribers.

Top Gainers

All the channels in the Top 250 Most Subscribed of 2014 obviously had very good years, but there’s are a few channels in particular that had a better year that most.

The honor of one of our Top Gainers goes to Grace Helbig.

The YouTube star who’s about to be a television star parted ways with My Damn Channel and her old YouTube destination to launch ItsGrace at the very beginning of 2014. Helbig’s new online video home was quick to rack up a lot of subscribers and 12 months later ended the year just shy of 1.9 million of them.

And the honor of one of our other Top Gainers goes to The Fine Bros‘ shiny new React channel.

The fraternal filming duo of Benny and Rafi Fine launched a new YouTube destination for their famous React franchise in July of 2014. And in less than six months, the Fine’s substantial subscribers base on their original YouTube home reacted nicely to the new outpost. Fans flocked to the new channel to the tune of more than 2.8 million subscribers during the calendar year.

Channel Distribution

The Top 250 Most Subscribed YouTube channels in 2014 amassed in aggregate a total of 511,591,667 new subscribers. Here’s a look at the distribution of a few of those channels broken down by the most-represented YouTube Multi-Channel Networks on the chart:

  • VEVO: 36 channels in the Top 250 Most Subscribed, with Katy Perry as the top-ranking channel of the network at #4.
  • Maker Studios: 30 channels in the Top 250, with PewDiePie at #1.
  • Fullscreen: 21 channels in the Top 250, with TheFineBros at #13.
  • Collective Digital Studio: 16 channels in the Top 250, with Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning at #12.
  • Machinima: 15 channels in the Top 250, with VanossGaming at #2.
  • StyleHaul: 12 channels in the Top 250, with Zoella’s Zoella280390 at #23.
  • DEFY Media: 5 channels in the Top 250, with Smosh at #11.
  • BroadBandTV: 4 channels in the Top 250, with fernanfloo at #93.
  • AwesomenessTV, Big Frame, XMediaDigital: 3 channels each in the Top 250, with AwesomenessTV’s Nash Grier at #24, Big Frame’s Tyler Oakley at #40 and XMediaDigital’s MashaMedvedTV at #166.
  • BuzzFeed, Jetpak, OmniaMediaCo, QuizGroup, Rightster, Rooster Teeth, WMG2 channels each in the Top 250, with BuzzFeed’s BuzzFeed Video at #47, Jetpak’s TheSyndicateProject at #105, Omnia’s miniminter at #184, QuizGroup’s eeoneguy at #150, Rightster’s Rémi Gaillard at #194, Rooster Teeth’s TheSlowMoGuys at #128, and WMG’s Jason Derulo at #80.

And here’s a look into the distribution of 2014’s Top 250 by country of origin:

  • The United States: 142 channels in the Top 250.
  • Great Britain: 29 channels in the Top 250.
  • Brazil, Spain: 12 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Canada, France, Russia: 7 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Australia: 6 channels in the Top 250.
  • India, Mexico: 4 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Chile, Germany, Ireland, Sweden: 2 channels each in the Top 250.
  • Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, El Salvador, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine: 1 channel each in the Top 250.

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The data for Tubefilter’s 2014 Top 250 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels chart was provided by SocialBlade. Social Blade tracks and stores YouTube progress of millions of channels. With this site, you can check various things such as views, subscribers, future predictions, and much more! Compare your stats with other YouTubers and see how you stand up against their progress.

Tubefilter's Yearly Top 250
250 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels
Worldwide • 2014
PewDiePie Subscribers in 2014: 13,968,333 -11% Views in 2014: 4,097,586,592 | Position Last Year: 2 All-Time Views: 7,291,831,970 | All-Time Subs: 33,291,123
                Maker Studios                            
vanossgaming Subscribers in 2014: 6,599,850 81% Views in 2014: 1,508,695,441 | Position Last Year: 41 All-Time Views: 1,851,841,424 | All-Time Subs: 10,328,847
                United States            
holasoygerman Subscribers in 2014: 6,317,209 -47% Views in 2014: 693,311,739 | Position Last Year: 3 All-Time Views: 1,644,026,200 | All-Time Subs: 20,612,362
KatyPerryVEVO Subscribers in 2014: 5,831,512 -9% Views in 2014: 2,380,673,025 | Position Last Year: 12 All-Time Views: 4,655,596,076 | All-Time Subs: 14,623,315
                United States            
vegetta777 Subscribers in 2014: 4,885,631 56% Views in 2014: 1,501,228,754 | Position Last Year: 52 All-Time Views: 1,908,901,826 | All-Time Subs: 8,064,407
                Maker Studios                            
JuegaGerman Subscribers in 2014: 4,747,987 291% Views in 2014: 740,592,813 | Position Last Year: 215 All-Time Views: 752,443,462 | All-Time Subs: 5,962,087
WatchMojo Subscribers in 2014: 4,716,130 226% Views in 2014: 1,681,568,491 | Position Last Year: 162 All-Time Views: 2,285,288,712 | All-Time Subs: 6,275,665
                United States            
SpinninRec Subscribers in 2014: 4,621,343 86% Views in 2014: 1,950,512,490 | Position Last Year: 80 All-Time Views: 3,965,363,146 | All-Time Subs: 7,873,102
elrubiusOMG Subscribers in 2014: 4,524,905 5% Views in 2014: 881,788,705 | Position Last Year: 26 All-Time Views: 1,370,559,654 | All-Time Subs: 9,515,909
EminemVEVO Subscribers in 2014: 4,493,331 -39% Views in 2014: 1,309,263,441 | Position Last Year: 7 All-Time Views: 4,351,679,407 | All-Time Subs: 14,275,894
                United States            
smosh Subscribers in 2014: 4,399,019 -48% Views in 2014: 1,058,551,366 | Position Last Year: 4 All-Time Views: 3,935,849,529 | All-Time Subs: 19,488,288
                United States            
rhettandlink2 Subscribers in 2014: 4,333,247 687% Views in 2014: 619,954,623 | Position Last Year: 635 All-Time Views: 718,906,359 | All-Time Subs: 5,159,440
                United States            
                Collective Digital                            
TheFineBros Subscribers in 2014: 4,207,558 -6% Views in 2014: 1,242,318,574 | Position Last Year: 21 All-Time Views: 2,483,482,486 | All-Time Subs: 11,040,670
                United States            
shakiraVEVO Subscribers in 2014: 4,167,740 341% Views in 2014: 1,975,264,915 | Position Last Year: 320 All-Time Views: 4,244,129,828 | All-Time Subs: 6,047,867
                United States            
OneDirectionVEVO Subscribers in 2014: 3,936,162 -50% Views in 2014: 1,330,059,059 | Position Last Year: 5 All-Time Views: 3,674,805,679 | All-Time Subs: 14,963,659
                Great Britain