‘Bee And PuppyCat’ Begins Full Season Of Interdimensional Adventures

By 11/07/2014
‘Bee And PuppyCat’ Begins Full Season Of Interdimensional Adventures

Nearly 17 months after it first debuted on the Cartoon Hangover channel, Bee and PuppyCat is back. Natasha Allegri‘s imaginative animated series, which follows a plucky heroine and her mysterious pet across space and time, has begun a ten-episode first season.

Bee and PuppyCat began as a two-part short, in which a girl named Bee finds an adorable creature named PuppyCat. A few trans-dimensional portals later, Bee and PuppyCat begin taking intergalactic temp jobs in order to pay the bills. The short was well-received, particularly by women and fans of Adventure Time, on which Allegri works as a character designer.

Bee and PuppyCat‘s success led to a Kickstarter campaign launched by Frederator Studios. That campaign proved to be wildly successful, raising $872,133 and setting into motion a ten-episode series chronicling the adventures of Bee and PuppyCat.

The first two episodes of that series are now available, and they’re a bit different from the short film that preceded them. There’s more of a focus on other human characters, such as a love interest voiced by Kent Osborne and a scold voiced by Ashly Burch (who also gets a small cameo as a horny cicada). By the second episode, though, we get back into what makes Bee and PuppyCat so great thanks to a visit to a planet made out of a cube of Jell-O.

Bee & PuppyCat is one of those series that comes along only once in a long while,” said Fred Seibert, head of Frederator Studios. “It’s such a singular vision and we couldn’t be more proud of the direction it’s taken. Natasha is a distinctive voice in animation and we can’t wait for fans to see what she’s done with this first season of episodes.  There is no doubt in my mind that Bee & PuppyCat will establish itself as a true defining moment in animation.”

Bee and PuppyCat‘s first two episodes have already drawn plenty of attention, drawing hundreds of thousands of views less than a day after their release. Keep an eye on Cartoon Hangover to view new installments as they arrive.