PewDiePie, the Swedish gamer who claims nearly 32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, is doubling down on his pledge to move away from YouTube comments. In a recent video, titled “31,970,288 Subscribers!!!!“, PewDiePie addressed his decision to disable comments and claimed he is “really happy” about the change.

PewDiePie first made the decision to disable his YouTube comments in September, when he claimed his “Bro Army” was being pushed out of the comment section in favor of spam and irrelevant responses. He instead asked his fans to comment on his videos on Twitter and Reddit.

In October, PewDiePie reversed his policy, re-enabling comments on his channel. At the same time, he doesn’t seem to be paying them much attention, and he has set up a forum that acts as an official chatroom for each video.

In his new video, he laments that even this strategy is not perfect. “I feel like as this channel has grown it’s been a constant struggle with trying to connect with you bros in a good way,” he states. At the same time, he admitted that he feels good about his decision to ignore YouTube comments. “Before I turned off my comments, I think things were going downhill,” he says. “So, making that change, I feel like we’ve been going back up, and it’s been making me really happy, and it’s been making me really enjoy what I do, which is something very important to me.”

From the looks of it, PewDiePie won’t be paying attention to YouTube comments. Instead he will continue to grow his audience of nearly 32 million bros, who will be able to interact with him across his social media channels.

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