Vimeo On Demand Offers Philip DeFranco’s Los Angeles Live Show

By 10/01/2014
Vimeo On Demand Offers Philip DeFranco’s Los Angeles Live Show

DeFranco Does LA” is doing Vimeo. The 90-minute live event hosted by online video luminary Philip DeFranco is now available on the Vimeo On Demand platform, where it can be purchased for $4.99.

“DeFranco Does LA” took place in May as part of a series of live events the Philip DeFranco Show creator hosted across the United States. At each show, DeFranco regaled his fans with stories, Q&A sessions, and discussions with his colleagues. For “DeFranco Does LA”, which took place May 9th at the Alex Theater, he was joined by SourceFed hosts Steve Zaragoza and Joe Bereta.

Thanks to a partnership with Discovery Digital Networks, the 90-minute show is now available in its entirety on Vimeo On Demand, where viewers can also find a trailer for the event:


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“DeFranco Does LA” is the latest addition to Vimeo On Demand; the IAC-owned pay-to-view platform has been busy of late. It recently distributed Wedlock, a web series starring Rob Corddry and Mark Duplass, and it will soon bring viewers new episodes of the critically-acclaimed web series High Maintenance.

For the YouTube community, Vimeo On Demand is a powerful platform for creators who wish to bring their highest-quality videos behind a paywall. Joey Graceffa, for instance, is using the service similarly to DeFranco. He has made his Storytellers web series–which first debuted on YouTube–available on demand for $6.99.

In both Graceffa and DeFranco’s cases, Vimeo On Demand is an opportunity to give bonus material to super fans willing to pay for it. DeFranco, with his powerful “Nation” behind him, is exactly the sort of creator who should be utilizing this service.

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