The Fine Bros Build Out ‘React’ Series On New Channel

By 07/22/2014
The Fine Bros Build Out ‘React’ Series On New Channel

The Fine Bros have spread their YouTube influence across a number of different web series, but Benny and Rafi’s quartet of React iterations–Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and YouTubers React–remain the cornerstone of their online presence. In order to build on the success of their four star performers, The Fine Bros have launched a new channel centered around the kids, teens, and elders featured in React episodes.

The React channel will not feature any episodes from the core React web series themselves. Instead, episodes will still roll out every week on The Fine Bros main channel. The React channel will instead feature a host of new web series, all of which are included in a channel trailer:

  • Games: The Fine Bros will jump onto YouTube’s “Let’s Play” trend with a weekly series in which kids, teens, and elders play through popular video games. The first episode of this series will arrive on July 27th and will be the first episode to debut from the new channel.
  • Advice: The React stars interact more closely with their viewers by responding to questions from fans.
  • React Remix: This series will feature musical concoctions based on React episodes. Its launch revives a concept that Benny and Rafi have experimented with in the past.
  • Kids Vs. Food: The Kids React kids will try to eat some “adult” foods.
  • Lyric Breakdown: A self-explanatory series in which the Teens React stars will bring down the meanings of popular songs.

Aside from the weekly Games series, the React channel will cycle its other four launch offerings on Thursdays, when a new episode from one of the series will be released.


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The Fine Bros provided more details about their channel in a video they posted on their main channel. “This is a really, really big moment for Fine Bros Entertainment,” explained Benny Fine. “We are planning to make so much [new programming], not just there but on this channel, so we are pumped for the rest of 2014 and beyond.”

The React channel is a shrewd business move. It will allow The Fine Bros to feature popular video subjects and will also sync up nicely with the React TV show the duo is planning with Nickelodeon. Plus, viewers will get more videos of old people playing video games, which is always a good time.

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