Rebecca Black, Dave Days Release ‘Friday’ Follow Up Called ‘Saturday’

By 12/07/2013
Rebecca Black, Dave Days Release ‘Friday’ Follow Up Called ‘Saturday’

The internet should’ve known Saturday was coming, and not just because of its order in the days of the week.

Rebecca Black, the 16-year-old famous/infamous singer responsible for the Blues Clues meets Kids Incorporated viral force of pop culture force is the song Friday, released a hint the day after Thanksgiving. On Black Friday 2013, Ms. Black uploaded a video of herself watching and commenting on the music video she first released some some two-and-a-half years ago that made her name far more recognizable. The video is full of smiles, screams, notes of self-reflection, and positive outlooks. Give it a watch:


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It’s a great four minutes that gives viewers some insight into the kind of young woman the now prominent YouTuber with 500,000+ subscribers has become. And while there’s no specific mention of a Friday follow-up, in retrospect, the video perfectly set the stage and primed would-be interested individuals for a new Rebecca Black release.

Saturday is a bubblegum pop redux composed of a not-uncatchy beat and clever lyrical winks to its predecessor. The hook won’t be as memorable (It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend is tough to beat), but the song as a whole will surely get more likes than dislikes, especially considering YouTube musical star Dave Days gets some significant camera time and appears to have had a heavy hand in its creation. (After all, helping burgeoning YouTube stars create new songs is something which which Dave is very familiar.)

Whenever you have a free 4:08, live like there’s no tomorrow, and check out the video for Saturday below:

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