Jenna Marbles Becomes #2 Most Subscribed YouTuber Of All-Time

By 05/10/2013
Jenna Marbles Becomes #2 Most Subscribed YouTuber Of All-Time

Jenna Mourey – aka Jenna Marbles, aka the individual the New York Times describes as “The Woman With a Billion Clicks”, aka the individual Good Morning America describes as “The Most Famous Person You’ve Never Heard Of” – just claimed the #2 spot on YouTube’s All-Time Most Subscribed List.

Her YouTube channel, which houses a content library comprised of the 26-year-old’s irreverent rants about less-than-pleasant archetypes, candid and colorful relationship advice, and kinda serious, kinda silly how-to videos just hit more than 8.7 million subscribers. That currently puts her 100,000 subscribers ahead of former #1 Most-Subscribed All-Time YouTuber, Ray William Johnson.


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Mourey is still about one million subscribers behind the teen and tween-oriented online video comedy force that is Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, and Alloy Digital’s Smosh, but she’s gaining ground.

Hecox and Padilla’s channel added subscribers at an average rate of 22,993 per day over the past month according to data from VidStatsX, while Mourey’s channel averaged 37,125 new subs per day during the same time frame. That means if both channels keep growing at the same rate, is set to surpass in roughly 70 days.

When Smosh caught up to and passed Ray William Johnson, RayWJ had Hexoc and Padilla on his program. Maybe when Mourey makes it to the top of YouTube’s All-Time Most Subscribed list she and Smosh can have a good old fashioned food battle. A YouTube aficionado can only dream.

Amazing Jenna Marbles (and Marbles and Kermit) picture by aerettberg.


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