Allow be to be Captain Obvious and state that people on the Internet enjoy cats. It doesn’t matter if they’re fat, thin, active, or lazy; we love every cat. But has anyone ever thought about what the cats love? They’ve given us so much YouTube joy, and what have we ever given them in return? At least one channel hopes to give back to all the hard-working kittehs out there. It’s called Videos For Your Cat, and its title states its purpose plainly and clearly.

Videos For Your Cat features long videos of fish, birds, and other themes that tend to mesmerize your average housecat. The most popular video is a half hour long shot of an active fish tank, and it has amassed over 328,000 views, many of which are evidently of the feline variety. Some cats were hypontized, some fell asleep, and others attacked the computer. If you’re a cat person (and not cursed with allergies like I am), then show this video to your fluffy friend. Be sure to take notes about his or her reaction to ensure scientific rigor.

The creator of Videos For Your Cat is Meghan Koley, who (of course) has a cute cat channel of her own and just wants to placate the cute kitties who give her constant joy. “There are millions of videos of cute cats doing cute things on YouTube,” she said in an interview with Mashable, “so I thought why not entertain the YouTube star itself (and the owner) at the same time?” So far, so good. Before we know it, the cats will reach a higher level of consciousness and start making “I can haz cheezburger” memes starring the cutest humans they can find.


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