YouTubers Respond to Smosh Becoming #1 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channel

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YouTubers Respond to Smosh Becoming #1 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channel

Smosh is now the #1 Most Subscribed Channel on YouTube. The comedy duo comprised of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla passed Ray William Johnson to claim the number one spot with over 6.78 million subscribers and counting (to the tune of roughly 17,000 more subscribers per day).

Becoming the most subscribed channel on a video sharing network that sees more than 153 million unique visitors per month and upload activity from thousands of highly successful partners is no small feat. That’s why so many people are offering Hecox and Padilla their congratulations, kind words, and well wishes.

Some of the biggest names on YouTube tweeted their mazel tovs to Smosh upon hearing the news (including the individual the duo bumped into the number two spot), while Smosh accepted the title with gratitude for all their fans and support.Β Here are a few select tweets from Smosh and the many congrats that have come Hecox and Padilla’s way in 140 characters or less.

From Smosh:


From Anthony Padilla:


From Others:


From former #1 Most-Subscribed Channels on YouTube:

If tweets are to be believed, the internet will bear witness to a Smosh and RayWJ collaboration in the very near future. No word yet on if the collab will have anything to do with being on top of the YouTube charts. Stay tuned.
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