Justice Is Served With ‘Good Cops’ On Machinima Prime

By 12/11/2012
Justice Is Served With ‘Good Cops’ On Machinima Prime

What do you get when you cross big moustaches, Aviator sunglasses, and a bad attitude? No, the answer is not ‘The Unabomber‘. The correct response is ‘Good Cops‘, a new sitcom on Machinima Prime that adds another entry to the growing number of police parodies on YouTube.

Good Cops is an example of a rags-to-riches story; it began as an independent production on YouTube, where it slowly built of a following of over 2,000 subscribers. The show’s eight episodes each reached five digit views, and its success caused Machinima Prime to take notice. Now, the second season of the show has found a home on the YouTube Original Channel, sharing a space with some of the Internet’s most popular web series.

As with YOMYOMF’s Squad 85, Good Cops hearkens back to a simpler time. Though it doesn’t appear to be set in the 80s (as Squad 85 is), the very fake soup strainers on the three main characters certainly remind me of a bygone decade.

In addition, Good Cops is reminiscent of another parody we covered, the upcoming Police Guys film. As with that production, Good Cops features policemen who flagrantly disregard order in favor of serving the justice they feel like serving. To the Good Cops, the law is less of a rule book and more of a suggestion guide.

Bottom line: Good Cops is funny. If you like Reno 911, you’ll find it even funnier. Most importantly, the series is a shining example of an independent series making it big, something we wish happened a lot more often.