Hardcore fans of Showtime’s hit series Dexter already saw Season 5 when it was released the first time as Season 2 and Season 3. The only difference is that Sgt. Doakes is played by a 34-year-old white guy and Jimmy Smits‘ character is played by Julia Stiles.

For those that tune into their televisions every Sunday night to find the exploits of their favorite serial killer with a heart of gold frustratingly familiar, Showtime has something new on the web for you. Dexter Early Cuts Season 2 debuted this week.

dexter-early-cutsThe story of Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo is written by Dexter co-executive producer Tim Schlattmann and begins at the funeral of Dexter’s father. It continues into Dexter’s early college years when he “is challenged by a copy-cat offender who does not follow his ‘code’ of only targeting murderers.” The six episode mini-series plays like a graphic novel come alive thanks to illustrations by Bill Sienkiewicz and David Meck and voiceover by Dexter‘s star, Michael C. Hall.

The first season of Early Cuts was written by Dexter writer and producer Lauren Gussis. It showcases the beginnings of Dexter’s methods, giving viewers and opportunity to watch “his process evolve to the methodical and calculated rituals he currently employs.”

Catch the six-episode series of Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo online at Showtime.

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