The Fine BrosWith over 1.6 million hits on YouTube, The Fine Brothers’100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes” is a prime example of true viral video success. Plus, it delivers what it’s title promises. The follow up, which was purposely released right before this year’s Oscars, spoiled all of the Best Picture winners in Academy Awards History and has near 500,000 total views.

This time around, Benny and Rafi Fine are tackling television in the latest installment of their Spoilers series. Released in honor of the upcoming Emmys and beginning with this year’s nominees for Best Drama and Comedy, no genre is safe from spoilage…including anime, kids shows, early cancellations, and sci-fi (…Felicity?). We also learn Rafi’s true feeling about Winnie Cooper. Having been released yesterday, the video is already racking up the views and with the Fine Brothers past successes and loyal fanbase, this installment will most likely go viral as well.

I caught up with the brothers over e-mail because I wanted to know where the inspiration for the first video came from. “The concept … spawned from the controversial T-Shirt that made the rounds around the internet that spoiled the ending of the 6th Harry Potter book. From that we knew there was an audience for some form of spoiler content-and after kicking around various concepts from actual narrative web series ideas to our own T-Shirt line and more, we devised what turned out to be the best idea which was to just sit down and before you can even think, spoil hundreds of movies as fast as possible.”

The brothers added, “since many ask, yes we do completely memorize the spoilers and it truly is all in one take. We’re not reading off of anything, there are no camera tricks…nothing (though it does take us time to get a good take, as our blooper reel for this video shows).”

This coming Monday marks the 5-year anniversary of The Fine Brothers online. (They released their first video on September 21, 2004.) Besides their spoiler series, The Fine Brothers have a girth of web series under their belts—My Profile Story, Prop 8: The Series,  LOST: What Will Happen Next? (which was featured on this year’s LOST panel at Comic-Con and in TV Guide), and the Overthinker Series among many more videos and web series in their vast body of work.

And don’t worry, they aren’t done yet. “We have plans to make many more of these spoilers videos,” added Rafi, “no genre of entertainment is safe from the Fine Brothers.”

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