ButtonMashersGaming network GameZombie TV announced their plans for the return of its flagship web series ButtonMashers, which will debut its second season, “eight months in the making” on August 3rd. We last checked in on the popular gamer network and its founder Spencer Striker back in February, which now boasts over 7 million views across its series.

Those of you out there who watched through the first season of ButtonMashers no doubt stuck with it for its unique blend of news coverage and forum flame wars – now they’re bringing it back with some additions to the host crew and some new show segments with hosts Chelsey MatrixKeetin Marchi, and David Klein with Jessica Frasher hosting a new segment called ‘Dick Moves.’

They’re somewhat short on details but the phrase “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “downward spiral of ring addiction” appeared in their plans, which should be enough to slake your hunger.

Next is the GameZombie TV Exclusive Interview Series, which is adding a few more notches on its belt as well. Look forward to spending some quality time with Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski and his upcoming Shadow Complex, Peter Molyneux and Milo for Microsoft’s Project Natal. They’ll also be getting up close and personal with Saboteur, a first person shooter set in Nazi-occupied France.

Finally, they’re partnering with Phantom EFX and 8monkey Labs, co-developers of the upcoming time-traveling FPS Darkest of Days to build some hype and give you a taste of what it’s like to take modern weaponry into pre-modern times. Think AK47s in the Civil War or laser guns against the armies of Sparta. Darkest of Days is due out on September 8th for XBox 360 and PC, so expect the weeks before to be brimming with pre-release content.

If you’re looking for some videos to scratch that zombified gamer itch, stop by GameZombie.tv and catch up on their back catalogue – even if you’re done with ButtonMashers, there’s still Skyping With The Stars (my personal favorite is the one with Kratos, Bruce Campbell, and the ShamWow guy) or cop the news tidbits from GZ On The Scene.

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