For those tech-heads not already enamored with it, Digital Juice is a Florida-based digital company best known for its video-editing merchandise. Like their monthly print magazine of the same name, DJTV elucidates how filmmakers can make the most of Digital Juice products while teaching the latest tricks of the video production industry. The first episodes of its initial three-show lineup were launched in August 2006, while product demos and customer tutorials had been online since February 2003.

Hosted by Perry Jenkins, Chuck Peters, D. Eric Franks, and editor Chris “Ace” Gates, the shows are intended for professional and amateur editors and graphic designers alike, and are dedicated to the five “T”s: tips, tricks, tools, techniques, technology.

Some of the weekly shows available on the DJTV network include Production Notes (for filming techniques), Tech Know (for audio tips and equipment), Cutting Class (for editing tips), and Take 5 (five tricks using Digital Juice’s renowned editing equipment), which are hosted by Jenkins, Peters, Gates, and Franks, respectively.  Well-designed and edited with high production values, the writing for each episode is concise, informative, and often witty, making the videos very easy to watch for editing experts and amateurs alike.  Judging by the several dozen, if not hundreds of comments that each episode receives, the site has fans that clearly appreciate the show and politely clamor for more.

In addition, the Digital Juice website plays host to a series of additional pages, including the DJ showcase, magazine homepage, forums, a poll, and even a chat room, as well as links to purchase the DJ products.

Jenkins, Peters, and Franks share a wealth of information in their shows, some of which isn’t discussed on similar sites. For example, did you know that green and blue aren’t the only colors that can be used as backgrounds when underlaying video? You can also use shades of purple and red, as Jenkins demonstrates in Episode 106.

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