Stressed? Take a Beachwalk

By 11/20/2007
Stressed? Take a Beachwalk

Stressed out?  I’ve got just what you need.

When the sirens, screaming, jackhammers and frost of New York become almost too much for to bear,  I’ll often find solace in the beautiful scenery of Oahu beaches accompanied by the collected insights of Roxanne Darling on Beachwalks with Rox (Tilzy.TV Page).  Roxanne and her production partner, Shane Robinson — formerly known as “secret cameraman” — have been producing shows almost every day since

February 22, 2006.  Topics range from relationships to astrology to finance to Hawaiian culture, but feel most like conversations with a friend. 

In addition to their work on Beachwalks and their day jobs building database-driven sites for small to medium sized businesses, Rox and Shane

are also active in the new media community where they’ve worked to develop standards and best practices for video aggregators.  

During this stressful pre-holiday crunch, I find this episode particularly cathartic.